TAME: Training Against Medical Error

The overall objective of the TAME project is to introduce innovative pedagogy methods that will provide training for students against medical error (TAME). TAME will innovate curricula towards teaching and learning in safe environment and closer to the needs of the real practice, where medical errors occur. With achievement of TAME’s objectives, a great need for the changes in the national healthcare systems will be fulfilled. The training methodologies will be improved, in order to minimise morbidity and mortality resulting from medical errors. Thus, healthcare costs will decrease, the quality of therapy will increase and the public trust in physicians and medicine will be enhanced. TAME’s view is multidimensional. The training has plenty of educational features and we will organize them into 3 fundamental dimensions: (i) teaching methods, (ii) means of curriculum delivery, (iii) learning outcomes.

We will use the experience gained from our preliminary studies as well as from literature, which indicate that discipline-specific aspects have to be considered during teaching against medical errors. The multidimensional approach can be used also after TAME’s period in restructuring campus-based teaching towards closer relevance to clinical practice and with patient safety central to undergraduate medical education. The resulting innovated medical curricula will be consistent with the efforts of the accreditation councils for graduate medical education as well as of the national expert medical associations. Medical schools play key roles in resolving all barriers that may hinder transparency and full disclosure of medical errors. Training against medical errors will serve as the basis for enhancing patient-doctor relationships, limiting further harm and improving overall healthcare safety.



AMU run tutorials with new GP cases


From 6Th February to 29th of March, 2018, tutorials were held in the framework of the Erasmus + international project "Training Against Medical Error: TAME" with students of the 5th year of the specialty "General Medicine" on discipline " General Medical Practice".

TAME on MEFANET 2017 conference: Implementation of training on virtual patients at Zaporozhye State Medical University

29.11.2017 | More information...

6 surgical Virtual Patients were created in ZSMU and 10 deadly medical errors were presented on MEFANET 2017. 


AMEE 2017 - TAME poster presentation

14.11.2017 | More information...

The activites of the TAME project were presented during AMEE 2017.

Zaporozhye State Medial University: Training

8.11.2017 | More information...

On the 1st of November, 2017 a new group of teachers participated in the D-PBL training in the frames of the TAME project.

TAME meeting, Karaganda, October 2017

3.10.2017  —  4.10.2017

The next project meeting was held on 3-4 October 2017 at Karaganda State Medical University in Kazakhstan.

TAME meeting, Chernivtsi, May 2017

10.5.2017  —  13.5.2017

The next project meeting was held on 10-13 May 2017 at Bukovinian State Medical University in Ukraine.

TAME meeting, Hanoi, November 2016

9.11.2016  —  11.11.2016
Hanoi Medical University

The next project meeting was held on 9–11 November 2016 at Hanoi Medical University in Vietnam.

TAME meeting, London, June 2016

5.6.2016  —  7.6.2016

The second project meeting was held on 5–7 June 2016 at St George’s, University of London.

“We are our choices”: learning decision-making through scenarios

The Tower Hotel, London, UK

Meeting of representatives of four projects exploring the development of interactive SBL in medical curricula across Europe

Kick-off meeting of the TAME project

27.11.2015  —  28.11.2015
Best Western Premier Hotel International, Brno, Czech Republic

A kick-off meeting of the TAME project was held on 27–28 November 2015 in the University Centre Slapanice, Brno, Czech Republic. The meeting was organised by the Masaryk University, aligned with the traditional conference on medical education MEFANET.

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TAME in numbers

  • 10 consortium members
  • 7 countries
  • 36 months

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